The Infidelist

A book on how to heal from failed romantic relationships because of infidelity. The Infidelus will teach you, why you don't really need proof? Why and how you contributed to the infidelity and foolproof ways to make sure you can identify the infidelus in your life so that you can move on quickly!

The hurt and pain of being cheated on and lied to is almost universal and most people experience it at least once in their life. The good news is that almost everyone does recover and many look back on those painful experiences and begin to see it for what it really is. A gift! The gift to start anew and attract a better, more loyal partner to enjoy the rest of your life with. I've done it as well as millions more. This book will give you well researched and simple practical ways to speed your healing and finally move on with your life! You'll learn things like

  • How to stop obsesing and get rid of the bad thoughts
  • How to quickly regain your self esteem and find a better partner
  • Fix your "picker" because if this has happened more than once, then you may be the problem.

You do not have to suffer through this. Though that may seem a bit overly optimistic I know it to be true and so are the thousands of people I've taught this method to along the way!

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